June 14, 2024


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Why Owners Are Keen To Take Their Businesses in Mobile Apps

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App in 2020

We now roam around by carrying the world in our pockets. Since the invention of the smartphone, life has become more flexible, accessible, and easier to grasp. Smartphones have truly become one of the best inventions of the era. But a smartphone is nothing without applications. The whole host of mobile apps are the true hero when it comes to complete to all type of daily chores. From solving the toughest equation to finding out the best healthcare support when you need one, these apps can do it all.

So, why don’t you use such convenience for your advance?

Business owners from around the world have shifted to mobile apps by contacting an App development company in India, to gain more and more potentials clients. But alas! Many people are still not interested to leverage online for their growth. And if you are one of them, then by doing so you are actually harming your business.

81% of general smartphone users search for a product online before purchasing and 26% of them install the apps for the same requirement. So, creating an online presence along with having your own app will not only be great for the business but build a sort of reliability in people.

But if you are still not convinced, give us the opportunity to change your mind. Take a look at the below list of advantages of having a mobile app…

  • Growth in Visibility

A person, in general, spends 160 minutes regularly on their smartphones. Most of this time is spent browsing and scrolling, searching what their proffered products and services. Therefore, if you have your own website, in some way or another, it will come across their search result. And from there, you can take them to your app by offering a smoother experience. This will automatically create your business visibility but also increase engagement and brand awareness. The combination of site and app will represent your business as an enterprise, attracting more audience automatically.

  • Gaining Customer’s Trust

One of the crucial reasons why businesses need their own app is because it creates a trusting image. Let’s be real, there are many unauthorized websites online that have fraud many people. This is why people often refrain from buying something from a relatively new website. But when you’ll offer an app to your customer for their convenience, it automatically creates an impression. They will be more relaxed in using your services or for buying products from you, also you can open a way to directly contact with your clients to make your services flawless. Not only that you can also offer various benefits to your clients like providing special discounts for in-app purchases, limited period offers, etc.

  • The Ease of Analysis

Apps make analyzing your business growth, clients’ needs and analyze current trends easier. Developers can collect a lot of information from the activity in your app which helps in making a proper business plan in the future. For example, you can learn which products are most purchased, which function of your app is most useful or less preferable, also how much time customers are spending on the app, etc when you’ll hire an app developer. By tracking all these activities, you’ll have the upper-hand in understanding your customers better and identify new ways to attract more attention to your business.

  • A Direct Marketing Approach

Your app is the best way to advertise your new offers and discounts. The old ways of advertising are long gone, now you’ll have a more effective way to gain your customer’s attention. Mobile can do all the work of banners, big hoardings, and brochures. Features like push notifications help a lot to get the attention of clients who have not been very active on the app. But ensure to make the information short, attractive, and to the point, as people with the smartphone often have less attention span.

  • Customer Satisfaction With Smoother Operation

Oftentimes, the website crashes slows down, and faces many other technical problems. Also if you have not hire a good website designer, your website will be nothing other than a joke, and that will make your potential customer run away in another direction. An app however is easier to run even if it’s made carelessly, offers more features and a smoother experience. This will initially increase customer satisfaction and urge people to use your app more often. It is stated by a survey that for buying or not, people like to roam on the app just to check new offers and products.

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