June 14, 2024


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Upcycled Nixie Clock Fit For A Friend

Developing a clock from components is a ceremony of passage for makers, and normally signifies a wise introduction into the globe of electronics. It is also tough to defeat the warm glow of Nixie tubes in a desktop clock, as [Joshua Coleman] learned when setting up a Nixie tube clock for a pal.

The original final decision to upcycle the chassis from an unrepairable Heathkit perform generator arrived a minimal undone just after some misaligned cutting, so the front panel ended up staying redesigned and 3D printed. This finished up being serendipitous, as the redesigned front panel authorized the Nixie tubes to be inset inside the steel chassis. This impact looks great, and it also much better safeguards the tubes from effects problems.

Sourcing clones of the 74141 Nixie driver ICs ended up staying simpler than predicted, and the rest of the electronics arrived with each other swiftly. The decoders are pushed by an Arduino, and the IN-4 Nixie tubes are run by a bespoke 170 volt DC electricity supply.

Regrettably 4 of the tubes were harmed throughout installation, however replacements were being easily accessible on the web. The gorgeous IN-4 Nixie tube has a name for breaking very easily, but is priced appropriately on auction web pages and rather quick to resource.

The make video clip immediately after the crack should get any aspiring Nixie clock makers started off, but the video clip description is also complete of more data and hyperlinks for people needing aid having started.

We’re not brief on clock hacks below at Hackaday, so why not test out a few extra? This retro-impressed LED clock seems like its ideal out of a parallel universe, or it’s possible this amazing Nixie clock pushed by relays will strike your fancy.


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