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Tablet Command fights fire with communication

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revealed on April 4, 2022 – 2:27 PM
Published by Ben Hensley

Alarm bells ring, waking sleeping firemen from their sleep, pressing them into fast response – uniforms are donned, devices is organized, vans are loaded and in just the span of a number of minutes, a group is dispatched to the web-site of a residence hearth.

On reaching the fire, the workforce discovers that, even with arriving on scene with a comprehensive crew, they will not be ready to incorporate the blaze alone. Backup is called, and in the meantime, the staff rushes in, hoses drawn and helmets on, completely ready to help.

But a little something goes mistaken.

The preliminary confusion leaves fireplace crews with only just one visible possibility: rush in and support the occupants – an aged couple who are continue to trapped within. In their endeavours to preserve the couple, two firefighters misplaced their life, when a fire fuel ignition, or “flashover” scorched the interior of the household.

In the aftermath, 4 individuals shed their life, and in the ensuing investigation, it was found that a straightforward line of clear communication could have prevented a lot of the tragedy from taking put.

Tablet Command aims to eradicate that pretty terrifying – and extremely actual – tale from getting place by streamlining the line of interaction among dispatch and firefighters in the field.

Working with an app-centered method, Tablet Command provides the capacity for departments to quickly relay information and facts to their groups straight by means of a two-way interface method.

“We present concise, precise, timely data in a consumer-pleasant interface that’s conveniently consumed and interacted with,” claimed Van Riviere, previous Stockton Battalion Main and CEO of Tablet Command. “We produced a two-way interface, which signifies the classic Windows mobile info desktops that have been deployed are staying replaced by numerous of our prospects with iPads, and that product gives them all of the functionality of a mobile knowledge laptop.”

Riviere extra that Tablet Command permits people to see a person another’s incident management data in serious-time, as properly as supporting transfer of command, ensuring that if an incident escalates, management of the incident can seamlessly be transferred from one user to an additional.

“The answer had to be simple to use and the info we existing experienced to be effortless to interpret,” Riviere said, including that previous fireplace main and Pill Command co-founder Andy Bozzo conceived of the notion though playing common on the web cell sport “Words with Close friends.” He regarded as that if data can be shared seamlessly via a cellular match, it could also be shared through a communication and regulate application these types of as Pill Command.

The Fresno Hearth Division has been utilizing the method given that 2018, and Fresno Battalion Chief Tim Fulmer claims the procedure has expedited response situations from their preceding dispatch program.

“As quickly as the data is enter into the computer aided dispatch program, it in fact sends an notify out to firefighters’ telephones through Pill Command and presents them the information and facts so they can begin functioning their way to the hearth apparatus to answer,” Fulmer claimed.

“It makes it possible for us the chance to get our firefighters on the motor vehicles a little little bit a lot quicker than with the true dispatch system.”

The procedure, which can be downloaded to firefighters’ mobile telephones, assures that no matter if a crew member is sleeping, eating, training or savoring downtime, as soon as the simply call will come in, they are organized and ready to react.

“It’s not a little something where I can specifically say ‘there was this phone the place it served us,’” Fulmer continued. “It helps us on each and every contact because it will allow our firefighters to get there quicker.”

Pill Command is employed by around 400 buyers in Fresno, mainly by the firefighter’s individual products.

“Pretty a lot every member of the Fresno Fireplace Office is strolling all around with TC Mobile in their pocket,” Riviere added. “What that receives them is early notification and good information and facts about the nature of the incidents they are responding to.”

When the technique is utilized by the Torrance Police Section and Mountain View Police Office, the key footprint is in fire.

Incident administration programs, though efficient in supporting fire departments, are even now in their beginning phases for law enforcement departments due to the confidential mother nature of several law enforcement department circumstances.

But Riviere hopes to sometime assist police departments as effectively.

“We’re essentially engaged with a variety of county-level organizations in Florida that have an fascination in on the lookout at Pill Command as a dispatch middle-facet deployable,” Riviere stated. “Our primary footprint today is in fire [however] we see terrific opportunities for advancement in EMS and in regulation.”

Tablet command is continuously applying updates to the program and hopes to be ready to bring their exceptional design of two-way communication to a lot more emergency services in the foreseeable future.


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