Still stuck with a regular DTH TV? Make your TV smarter!

How to Find Apps on a Samsung Smart TV

Well, to describe a V box, one can say that it is a very humble piece of tech that often manages to get the whole family together. Be it sports, news coverage, TV shows or even movies – the television set has it all on display. However, in recent times, smart TVs are getting a lot of popularity and that has an adequate reason behind it too. 

Smart TVs are very useful in several ways. However, they can also be quite expensive at times. If you want a smart TV in today’s market, you will certainly have to spend something around ₹15,000. Therefore, it is not as inexpensive as one would have assumed for a common man. Now, what if we told you that you can instead upgrade to a smart TV and only spend a fraction of the amount that we have mentioned above? Sounds like a steal deal, right?!

Switch to a smart Android box

You are probably used to your DTH HD box. Not taking away anything from it, we certainly think your TV deserves much better. That is where the Airtel Android box for TV comes in. All you must do is plug out the DTH HD box and plug in your smart TV box. And voila! You have instantly upgraded to a smart TV, without even having to change your Television set.

The biggest benefit of getting a new DTH connection with your Android box is that you will even get access to all the features that you could ever want in a top-of-the-line smart TV. Wondering what these features are? Here’s a deeper dive into it.

Features of the smart Android box

Unlock Google Play Store for your TV

With a smart TV, you can access all of Google’s Play Store without any restrictions. Download apps or games from the Play Store library and maximise entertainment on your TV. Furthermore, these apps have also been modified for your TV, so that your entertainment needs are always on top. 

Experience the smoothness of Android TV OS

Android TV OS is fabled for its extremely smooth user interface that elevates the experience of every user. Thus, you can finally get rid of the boring TV UI. Make your TV smart with the help of smooth animation, access apps and games easily, quickly switch from one app to another, go back and forth from TV mode to apps and more.

Binge-watch to your heart’s content

With the help of an Android TV, you can start streaming all your OTT TV shows now on the big screen. Imagine Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar and more. In addition, the Airtel Android box also provides you access to more than 15 OTT apps completely free of cost, with the Airtel Xstream app. Watching blockbusters on your TV is going to be more exciting than ever before!

Additional features

Here are some additional features that you will get from the smart TV box:

  1. Channels in 4K resolution
  2. Built-in Google Chromecast
  3. Voice command with Google Assistant
  4. Access to more than 500 channels and plenty more.

Excited by what you see? You can now get your very own smart TV, by paying just ₹1,500. Hurry!  

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