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Game Jam Winner Spotlight: A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle DECODED


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We’re nearing the finish of our sequence of posts about the winners of the fourth annual community domain video game jam, Gaming Like It is 1926. So far, we have seemed at The Wall Across The River, The Obstruction Technique, Dreaming The Cave, and Mr. Best Hat Does not Give A Damn! Nowadays, we go on to the winner of the Ideal Electronic Sport group: A Drunk Person Appears to be at the Thistle DECODED by Anna Wu.

Throughout these jams, we have seen so several different ways of using public area functions. There are immediate diversifications (with varying ranges of parody and commentary), remixes of personal features, online games built to foster a further knowing of the authentic get the job done in the players, and more. But there is also a person very direct and individual method that can be exceptionally powerful in the arms of a good sport designer: telling the story of your own engagement with a operate. Anna Wu (a.k.a. LadyOrTheTiger) does particularly that in A Drunk Male Appears at the Thistle DECODED, a easy interactive tale designed in Twine that captivates the participant with its subtlety and simplicity.

As the title suggests, the video game is about “decoding” Hugh MacDiarmid’s 1926 poem created in the vulnerable Scots language. The title caught the designer’s eye whilst perusing lists of 1926 performs for sport inspiration, but preliminary investigation uncovered that it would be no quick go through: nevertheless a sister language to English and whole of recognizable terms with meanings that can be intuited, Scots is nevertheless extremely substantially a foreign language to English speakers, and not one commonly translated with Google or other applications. But relatively than transfer on to other resource works, Anna resolved to make a video game about the procedure of comprehension this intriguing poem, or at minimum its 1st couple verses.

I won’t spoil the aspects of the tale, which commences with some self-interrogation about the causes for wanting to examine the poem and then moves via the hard measures of trying to do so. It is generally explained to in textual content, but would make excellent use of audio and visuals that elevate it, as properly as some basic interactivity that has the player revealing the definitions of particular person text just as Anna did working with a translation dictionary.

By the finish, you are going to be shocked just how immersed you are in what began out as a incredibly uncomplicated and considerably arbitrary story. The game showcases a lot of points: the inventive opportunity of pacing and construction in an interactive tale, the way moments of interactive liberty can subtly boost a linear narrative, and of training course the fantastically recursive nature of art and tradition, exactly where one’s engagement with an previous tale can become a new tale of its own which also breathes new daily life into the initial and encourages gamers to working experience it for by themselves. It is also an illustration of just one of the causes we enjoy these video game jams, as it was the look for for qualified public area materials for the jam that not only impressed this recreation but motivated Anna’s curiosity the poem in the first position! For all these causes, but over all because it is a narrative encounter that only succeeds in drawing the player in, A Drunk Man Seems to be at the Thistle DECODED is this year’s Greatest Electronic Activity.

Congratulations to Anna Wu for the win! You can get all the things you have to have to play A Drunk Guy Appears at the Thistle DECODED from its web page on Itch, in addition really don’t neglect to verify out the other winners as effectively as the lots of excellent entries that didn’t quite make the reduce! We’ll be back again following week with the sixth and remaining winner highlight.

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