May 29, 2024


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Fresh Technology Raises $7 Million In Series A Round Of Financing To Drive Innovation In Modern Restaurant Kitchens


Fresh helps restaurants enhance productivity, order accuracy, and order delivery timing by integrating clients into the kitchen production process.

Fremont, CA: Fresh Technology (Fresh) has completed the acquisition of its 7 million dollars Series A round funded by FINTOP Capital. Fresh is a prominent provider of fully integrated kitchen management and e-commerce technologies that enable restaurateurs to provide excellent hospitality in the digital era. Fresh now supports over 7000 eateries. This completion comes on the heels of the company’s revamped market positioning, which got launched due to strong traction and continual iteration.

Fresh is an independent SaaS startup that grew out of the restaurant holding company Fresh Hospitality. Fresh KDS, the company’s core solution, assists restaurants in managing the logistical complications brought by the recent expansion of digital ordering and delivery service providers. In addition, fresh helps restaurants enhance productivity, order accuracy, and order delivery timing by further integrating clients into the kitchen production process. This spin-off gets directed by Shaun Shankel and supported by a team of highly experienced operational executives with aspirations to develop the firm and solve new difficulties confronting restaurant owners.

“We live in an omnichannel world that has created new problems for operators, including labor shortages, peak capacity management issues, and increased DSP commissions tied to missing promised wait times. We see the real-time relationship between the kitchen and the guest as the critical choke-point. Solving these problems with new technologies like machine learning is the key driver to guest loyalty and increased LTV for brands. With a fierce commitment to open-data, we created Fresh as a lightweight, modern, kitchen management and ecommerce platform to provide operators tools not previously available in the kitchen.” – Shaun Shankel, CEO of Fresh.

This investment demonstrates Fresh’s conviction in the company as an emerging leader with unrivaled value for restaurants in the new digital era. As the firm expands, new market positioning emerges, demonstrating the company’s ambition in the restaurant technology industry.


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