May 29, 2024


The Joy of Technology

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Mill Town’s dramatic overhaul of the Bousquet Ski Resort, an iconic landmark in the Berkshires, is the perfect example of how in-house, seasoned designers leverage the latest CET design technology to provide advanced interior furniture and design solutions to fit specific requirements.

When Mill Town approached BBE Office Interiors, they had specific goals for high style, sustainability and durability for the interior and exterior spaces of the newly renovated ski resort to enhance experiences for skiers and vacationers. BBE ensured that elements chosen were high-end, sustainable furniture, made to last. Materials with eco-friendly characteristics, like the natural wood furniture, helped align the indoor environment to the outdoors. To provide the durability needed to handle the wear and tear of skiers trekking through spaces with heavy gear, all furniture was specified to be commercial grade and included high pressure laminates that can last more than 20 years.

Emily Gabriel, Design Director, Mill Town, shared an overview of the project, “BBE was so easy to work with and made the product selection and procurement smooth from start to finish. After providing them my mood boards, we had products curated from multiple vendors to give us a variety of good, better, best budget options that were on par with the design ideas I had in mind. The process was very collaborative and BBE remained flexible when we had modifications or wanted to do something custom. We’re so happy with the result and follow-through along the way on everything from the little details to the bigger picture from the BBE team.”

Designer-led Projects

There are typically two design approaches to space planning for clients in BBE’s markets, which include healthcare, education, hospitality and business — either manufacturer’s space planners or designer-led projects. Company President Dan Proskin explains the value of BBE’s designer-led approach: “Being on-site is valuable. It gives us full control from start to finish, which helps our designers fast track their renderings and ensures accuracy for planning because they can visualize the right scale for each space. Sometimes CAD drawings for specified products are not accurate or can change on the fly. Seeing exactly what the space looks like and taking measurements can avoid costly changes and delays. For Mill Town, all of their booths were custom designed, and could not be returned, so we had to get space planning right the first time.”

Manufacturing space planners don’t typically go on site, which makes it difficult for them to assume liability when furniture doesn’t fit. Customers also don’t get a choice of product lines when dealing with the manufacturer, since they only have one line to offer. BBE can make recommendations from hundreds of furniture lines. Multiple choices offer flexible and affordable options when clients have budget constraints.

Proskin added, “Manufacturer’s design departments have longer turnaround times — a simple change can take up to a week. After we’re on site, we can turn the entire design process around in less than 3 days, especially now with new technology.”

Innovative technology offers knowledge, speed and efficiency

Innovation supported by new technology has changed office design, space and furniture planning, along with the approaches to them, effectively boosting overall productivity and improving the end result. Proskin suggests, “When you pair the material benefits of on-site, experienced designers with cutting edge technology, it’s a win-win for clients.”

CET Designer is intelligent, highly visual and intuitive space-planning technology that simplifies the specification of products in a variety of industries. Ken Needham, lead designer for BBE explains, “With this new technology, renderings are so realistic they come alive. We can “try on” the actual finishing touches — the fabrics and laminates — to show the customer many choices and then deliver exactly what they expect. It also helps our team organize projects and streamlines the entire process from ordering to delivery.”

Like-minded Partners

BBE looks for partners that share common viewpoints. “We search for projects that have impact; we saw that in everything that Mill Town does — their investment ventures matter because they care about revitalizing the community.” Both BBE and Mill Town share a vision to work collaboratively to improve the community and region by investing in valuable projects and building connections. As President of the Board at UCP of Western MA, an agency that supports children and adults with disabilities, Dan is committed to helping others in need. Mill Town maintains a community-first mindset in all of its efforts.

About BBE Office Interiors

BBE’s turnkey solutions provide everything from design renderings and specification development to the right office furniture and ergonomic tools to meet design, productivity and workflow goals. Projects are handled entirely by BBE, end to end, to ensure quality control. The company serves clients in Berkshire County, the Pioneer Valley and throughout New England. BBE works through commercial, urban, industrial and green architectural and design firms, or clients can utilize the BBE expert design team directly. BBE Office Interiors is family-owned and operated, celebrating over 75 years in business. To learn more, visit or contact Dan Proskin at 413-442-8217, email [email protected].


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