There are many iPad users who have a computer, which is not exactly from Apple. For whatever reasons, everyone is very free to use one type of computer or another. Here we are not going to try to convince anyone about the benefits (or not) of a Mac compared to a PC based on Windows.

So if this is your case and you use a Windows PC and an iPad, know that with the app Astropad Studio you can turn your iPad into a graphics tablet for your computer. take it now

If you like to create drawings with the Apple Pencil of your iPad, you have to know that with the latest update of the Astropad Studio application for iPadOS, you can now enjoy your iPad connected to your Windows PC as if it were a graphic tablet.

Astropad Studio aims to let you work faster and more efficiently. It is currently used by millions of creative professionals and some of the best animation studios like Pixar, Por ejemplo.

Until now, in order to use the application you needed to have a Mac, but since the last update, it is now compatible with Windows-based computers as well. Astropad released a public beta of said new version with PC support last year and had more than 70.000 downloads. Now the update has officially landed for all users.

Mirroring your PC or Mac desktop software to iPad works through USB cable or Wi-Fi with low latency at 60fps. This is thanks to Astropad’s custom video technology called LIQUID, which offers up to 4x less latency than Apple’s AirPlay.

The Astropad Studio app for iPadOS is available for free with a 30-day trial at App Store, and then it costs 12,99 Euros per month or 84,99 Euros per year.