June 20, 2024


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4 Easy Ways To Implement Dance Studio Management Software

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There are two types of people in this world – the ones who like to jump in headfirst and the ones who like to bite off little pieces at a time. There is no right way, however, there are four steps you should take to get yourself become accustomed to the new dance studio management software.

  1. Pick the best time of the season

No matter you run a dance studio, or any other sort of youth activity center, you know what time of year is slower than others. Do not laugh – I know you are thinking there is no slow time but, there are generally some lulls here and there that would allow you to get started with your new system.

For instance, if you hold a registration period in the spring for your summer and or fall session, you will want to open registration with the new system so parents have a chance to get adjusted and begin a new session fresh! That goes for you as well – you can begin the next season with a fresh look and feel to all your recurring processes and procedures.

Deciding when even helps you make a decision for what you need to learn first in the new dance studio software. Is it attendance tracking or online registration? Is it tuition billing or skill tracking?

  1. Import the existing data

It is 2022 and we as humans are automating as many things as possible. Why start off doing manual work when you can import the data you already have. Oftentimes, class management software companies will help you import the data if this is not your strong suit.

Not only is that is a huge time-saver, but it even gets rid of the possibility of data entry errors. And, we certainly do not have time for that!

  1. Train your staff

You most likely learned a lot while researching the selected software platform but your office staff and instructors will need to learn the new application as well.

Remember, when it comes to data, trash in = trash out. If your staff does not know the ways to appropriately make use of the software, you will likely have inconsistent data and inaccurate records. Do not go through all of the work of implementing new software to not take the time with your staff.

If you are not comfortable being the subject matter specialist, appoint one of your tech-savvy office staff members to learn it all and trickle down all the need-to-know information in view of that. Most often whoever will be making use of the software application the most will naturally turn out to be this person.

  1. Stay informed and continue to streamline

With robust software applications, the learning never stops since there is always something to learn or to do more efficiently. And this is wonderful – you would a system that is growing and can deal with your growth.

If the software for online dance classes you use has a user conference, attend! That is the best way to learn what you can do better. Make sure to explore how the software by Dipme can help your dance studio grow!