Stonehenge: the neolithic site captured in a new light using drone technology


Stonehenge has been photographed in a brand new light using modern drone technology and artificial lights. The ancient neolithic site situated on Salisbury Plain in the UK is a popular tourist destination and photography hotspot, so when Chicago-based photographer Reuben Wu was asked to shoot it for National Geographic, he wanted to come up with a way to do it differently. 

Merging ancient history with modern technology, Reuben used two cameras, a drone and an artificial light to capture the image of Stonehenge he envisioned. Using what looks like one of the best Sony cameras (opens in new tab) (we can’t be sure which one exactly), he took a timelapse of the stones as it went from sunset to nightfall and using a medium format camera (which we think could be Phase One) he took stills throughout the shoot. 


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