June 21, 2024


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Jetpack Compose 1.2 packs text improvements


Jetpack Compose 1.2, Google’s toolkit for setting up indigenous Android UIs, is now frequently obtainable. Highlights of the update contain textual content advancements these kinds of as font padding and downloadable fonts.

Jetpack Compose is the Google-recommended way to develop new Android apps for telephones, tablets, and foldables. The 1.2 release was declared steady on July 27.

With downloadable fonts, app builders get new APIs to accessibility Google Fonts asynchronously and to define fallback fonts without a advanced setup. Gains include things like smaller APK dimensions and improved procedure wellbeing, Google said, since multiple apps can share the exact same font by way of a provider.

Addressing a prime-voted bug in the Android issue tracker, Jetpack Compose 1.2 would make includeFontPadding a customizable parameter. Google endorses placing this price to fake, which will empower much more exact alignment of text within just layouts. The strategy is to make phony the default value in a upcoming launch.

Jetpack Compose 1.2 can be accessed from the Android builders site. The Jetpack Compose 1. manufacturing launch was released past July.

Other advancements in Jetpack Compose 1.2 include things like:

  • For lazy layouts, grid APIs LazyVerticalGrid and LazyHorizontalGrid have graduated out of experimental position. A new experimental API, LazyLayout, lets builders implement personalized layouts.
  • A WindowInsets course presents modifiers this sort of as windowInsetsPadding, systemBarsPadding, and windowInsetsTopHeight to offer with insets of a unit.
  • Modifer.nestedScroll delivers nested scroll interoperability with sights.
  • Easing curves aid generate animations proficiently.
  • Mouse support has been enhanced.
  • Bugs have been fixed these kinds of as allowing for animations to observe the procedure-defined “Animation duration scale” and letting scolling of lazy laouts to be disabled by incorporating a userScrollEnabled parameter.
  • Compose for the Put on OS 1. smartwatch platform is now normally accessible.

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