July 15, 2024


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Industrial Robot Repurposed To Make S’Mores

Industrial Robot Repurposed To Make S’Mores

Industrial Robot Repurposed To Make S’Mores


It is summer time in the Northern Hemisphere, and that implies campfires for cooking sizzling canine, keeping the mosquitoes absent, and of study course, generating s’mores. For our much-flung close friends, that is a hearth roasted marshmallow and a sq. of chocolate smashed among two graham crackers. So known as simply because when you are accomplished, you are going to want s’more. It’s an easy sufficient recipe that any baby can inform you how to make it. But what if you’re not a little one? What if you never even have arms, since you’re an industrial robot? This is the challenge that [Excessive Overkill] has taken on in the video clip beneath the break.

Starting off with a Fanuc S-420 i W industrial robotic created in 1997, [Excessive Overkill] painstakingly taught his possess own robot how to make S’Mores. Hacking the microwave with pneumatic cylinders to get the doorway open was a wonderful contact, and so are the vacuum grippers at the small business conclusion of the S’More-bot.

We know, we claimed you ended up supposed to make them on a campfire — but who desires to possibility cooking their vintage robotic arm just to soften some chocolate?

There’s a whole lot of tale powering this hack, and [Excessive Overkill] explains how they acquired, transported, and three section run an out of day industrial robot in an additional of their movies. Of study course, this is Hackaday so it’s a subject which is come up before in the reverse engineering of an industrial robotic that we coated some time again.


Many thanks [Phil] for the wonderful suggestion!


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