June 14, 2024


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Finally! Schedule to Multiple Classes in Google Classroom


If you teach several sections in Google Classroom you need to have the potential to plan assignments for several lessons. Prior to the current announcement, the “Schedule” solution was greyed out if you picked multiple lessons. Wait around no far more. No more workarounds, Google Classroom now lets you to timetable assignments to numerous classes.

Pick out Many Classes

By default, when including an assignment to a course it is only currently being additional to the latest class. Clicking on the class title in the right sidebar permits you to pick multiple courses.

Assignments are NOT connected collectively

When assigning to various classes the assignment COPIES to every single course. This implies that updates to one assignment will NOT be reflected in the copies. Be all set to

Select multiple classes, in this case 3, and then click on the Schedule option.

Choose to Timetable to Several Lessons

Secondly, simply click on the arrow on the “Assign” button to choose “Schedule.” For Every course, then select the date and time to timetable. Moreover, you have the alternative to “Publish now.”

Scheduled date and time select the time to publish. Finally! Finally! Schedule to Multiple Classes in Google Classroom

Duplicate Options to All

Suggestion: Set the subject, due date, and scheduling time for the 1st class. Click on on “Copy configurations to all.” It is less difficult to make insignificant variations, even to the initially class, than to set the settings for each and every course.

3 classes listed. The first class has the setting of "publish now" A box around Copy settings to all. All 3 classes have the same settings.

Unique Thanks Dates

For a range of motives having the exact owing day for all lessons does not normally perform. The new attribute of scheduling to numerous classes lets you to find the day and time the assignment is due. Pick the thanks date for every class that is effective the very best.

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