July 19, 2024


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Even With Modern Technology, The Audi RS3 Is Still No Match For The Legendary Sport Quattro S1

Even With Modern Technology, The Audi RS3 Is Still No Match For The Legendary Sport Quattro S1


The new Audi RS3 touts its new trick Quattro AWD procedure as a single of the very best in the environment, and total, the capable compact sedan is an incredible performer of a vehicle that punches well previously mentioned its weight. But that begs the problem: how nicely would it fare towards the automobile that actually place the Quattro AWD process on the map, the Activity Quattro S1 Team B rally automobile?

Evaluating specs in between the two, the RS3 is driven by a 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder motor producing 401 hp (407 PS / 299 kW) and 359 lb-ft (487 Nm) of torque, and it weighs 3,472 lb (1,575 kg). The Sport Quattro S1 is run by a 2.1-liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine generating 500 hp (507 PS / 373 kW) and 354 lb-ft (480 Nm) of torque, and it weighs 2,403 lb (1,090 kg).

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Where the RS3 has the advantage is in its power delivery. Its 7-velocity dual-clutch computerized really should be a lot a lot quicker at shifting gears than the Activity Quattro’s 6-speed guide, and its present day AWD program with start control is a lot extra state-of-the-art in its selections on when and exactly where to deliver energy to the wheels. However, the Sport Quattro has the gain in its numbers, with 99 a lot more hp (100 PS / 74 kW) and 1,069 lb (485 kg) fewer suppress excess weight than the RS3.

In the drag race, the RS3 received the bounce on the Quattro and held its direct for a good total of time, but the rally motor vehicle arrived back with full force, bucking violently with each change, and in the stop it concluded practically two auto lengths ahead of the RS3. In both equally rolling races, the RS3 didn’t have the start advantage, and as a result, the Sport Quattro pulled ahead and just held going till the close. With all that staying explained, the Sport Quattro S1 is a priceless race vehicle that the normal person could only dream of owning, though the RS3 is a mass output compact sedan which is reasonably very affordable, so given that, it did not fare all that improperly.



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