June 21, 2024


The Joy of Technology

Desktop Computers And Laptops

In this generation of “mobile revolution” where companies are competing tooth and nail to create the best portable gadget, some people would opine that desktop computers or personal computers (PC) have become a thing of the past. They say that laptops will replace the Personal Computers. However, in observing society, particularly in workplaces, one can still say that the so-called “end of the PC world” is still far from happening. Indeed, in almost all professions, a laptop is still considered as a necessity but there are considerable reasons why people will still need the PC. In fact, the working society of today mi note 6 pro will need both to survive.

Below we mention reasons why we need desktop computers and laptops in our daily living. The portability of a laptop allows people to work in their preferred areas and environment. For instance, one can bring work at home, in coffee shops, or travel with to any parts of the world, with their work files stored in their laptops. For meetings, conferences or any official gatherings, laptops are significantly necessary in delivering office presentations, work updates etc.

More so, in small-spaced offices, a laptop is most suitable to use since its dimension and size is conveniently small and requires lesser space than what a PC might require. Though it may be this convenient, using a laptop might do considerable risk for files stored in these device since this mobile gadget can be exposed to natural elements. Exposure to natural elements such as water, dust, heat can irrevocably destroy the files in the machine.

Laptops are also attractive to thieves and can easily be stolen with all the data inside and unless the owner has a back-up, the files are sure to be gone forever with the laptop. Furthermore, laptops are definitely exposed to its owner’s recklessness. Computer repair companies would cite this as the major reason laptops are destroyed and that is, due to its owner’s clumsiness. Thus when it comes to files or any data which is considered of high importance, a personal computer would be best for storing or working.

The odds of it being exposed to natural elements or to thieves are significantly lower compared to laptops. The use of both desktop computers and laptops is the best option for an average company which needs data security as well as mobility for its regular employees. For instance, there are operations inside the company that require heavy application. In this case, a PC is more preferable. A laptop may have all the digital features that a personal computer can have, but it has limitation in its capacity to provide processing powers. Complex projects or heavy multi-media applications require processing powers that only a desktop computer can easily provide.

When you need to work with multiple large programs, the PC is the only practical choice. And when a department is done with their work, an employee can sum it up in a presentation and use a laptop to present to the bosses or clients. Today, companies all over the world operate efficiently using both laptops and personal computers. The desktop computers usually provide the processing of heavy digital information in the back-end and laptops provide the day to day operations of the average worker in the front end.