It is never easy to plan for a vacation. Whether going for an African safari, a desert safari, or just the other part of town, you still have to plan, pack, and even ensure your mail is taken care of. You also have to look for someone to take care of your beloved pet while you are away. Although you might have the option to leave him/her with a friend or a family member, you still need to ensure he/she won’t be stressed in any way. Pet boarding services provide an excellent way to have your pet cared for and attended to while you vacation. You can also get a dog walking franchise if you just want your pet to get their exercise whilst you’re away. Here are 4 reasons and benefits of boarding your pet when on vacation.

1. Safety

You don’t want your pet stuck outside in the cold or heat of the day. You will want someone watching over them constantly, and ensuring nothing harmful comes their way. In addition to this, some family members and friends might not be as comfortable looking after your pet. Some of them will sometimes forget they had your pet over, something that could make him/her feel neglected or even stressed. A pet boarding service provider, however, takes pride in caring for pets, hence will ensure your pet is healthy and safe through their stay. These pet providers will also have the pet checked by a professional should he/she get injured.

2. Food and Water

Anything can happen if the pet is left unattended for extended periods of time. He/she might knock over their food or water, hence have nothing to eat or drink until someone shows up. Lack of food and water can cause the pet to be overly stressed; one of the reasons you should have someone feed and water them regularly. Although you might have that one loyal and caring friend/family member who’ll make sure your beloved pet is fed, he/she could get held up or forget altogether. Boarding the pet, however, means someone will always check on all the pet’s affairs, and especially if they need to eat and drink water constantly. Boarding your pet is a lot different from leaving him over at a friend’s place.

3. Handling Health Problems

Unless your pet is perfectly healthy, some will require medication several times a day. If your pet needs to have a special cream applied on them once or twice a day or needs to be checked by a vet (while you are away), you then need to be assured the person you leave them with is capable of doing just that. Nothing, however, stresses a pet owner more than knowing they aren’t in good health and have to go out for vacation. You can, however, avoid such stress by leaving them with a professional caregiver or boarding them. Be sure to inform the boarding providers of his/her ‘special’ needs and health before you can leave.

4. Exercise

Pets need to get their daily dose of exercise, and at least 4 times in a week. Some will even want to be taken out to play at least once in a day. That said, you don’t want your beloved pet to skip the lunchtime play or evening walk. Most pets will become restless if forced to remain in the same place/spot for a long time. Boarding your pet, however, means he/she will get plenty of exercises and rest alongside other pets. Chances are he/she will find/make new friends in the boarding facility. With several pets in the boarding, there’s a very low risk of your pet feeling neglected or lonely.

By boarding your pets, you never have to worry about prolonging your vacation. You also don’t have to plan for shorter holidays simply because you are worried about leaving your beloved pet alone. Boarding provides everything your pet will need/require during its stay, hence leave you with the much-needed peace of mind.