May 29, 2024


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5 Google Sheets Functions to Know


My motto: “The answer is always a spreadsheet.” Here are 5 formulation that can support you get extra out of utilizing Google Sheets.

1. Thirty day period()

I use Google Sorts, which indicates I have Google Sheets with a timestamp. The trouble is that the timestamp has the day and the time which would make it difficult to rely how a lot of have been submitted on a certain working day. Use =Thirty day period(A2) and =Working day(A2) to get the month and day

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2. One of a kind

I use a Google Variety to record students likely to the bathroom, or checking out publications, or so numerous items! The pupils extremely well could possibly fill out the identical Form additional than a single time. In the spreadsheet, I have a checklist of all the periods a scholar went to the toilet, but how do I know which college students utilized the restroom? Making use of the formulation =Exclusive() I can condense a prolonged record to clear away repeated values.

3. GoogleTranslate

Right here is a purpose you will not obtain in Excel. Occasionally you are in will need of translating various matters for mothers and fathers or college students. Use =GOOGLETRANSLATE(A2) to translate whatsoever language is in A2 into English. English is the default translation.

Attempt my Template

I have made a template applying the =GOOGLETRANSLATE method so that whatsoever language is typed into column A it will routinely translate into “all” languages. (all supported by Google Translate). Recommendation to delete the columns you do not want to translate into.

4. RandBetween

I personally use this a Large amount. It allows me to create random figures for a assortment of purposes. =randbetween(1,30) lets me decide on a random scholar on my roster for instance.

5. Filter

At times you want to screen details, possibly from a Sort, in a filtered look at. If various academics use the exact same Google Variety for passes then you may well want to only see the record of college students who have been despatched to you.

Use spreadsheet formulas


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