July 19, 2024


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5 Google Jamboard Templates – Teacher Tech


Who doesn’t love Google Jamboard? There are so many great ways to use Google’s collaborative whiteboard tool. Kim Mattina and I have over 150 templates in our book “Teaching with Google Jamboard.” Here are a few Google Jamboard templates to get started with!

1. Avatar Warmup

A teacher friend was looking for a fun daily warm-up activity for summer. Her students are virtual though, so a digital solution was needed. Even if your students are in person, this Avatar Warm-Up will be super fun. First, make a copy of this Google Slides Avatar Creator. Share it with the students to have them add a slide and design an avatar of themselves. I have it preset to be 1 x1.5 inches and a transparent background. Use the FILE menu to download as PNG (important!) Add each student’s avatar to the Jam using the insert image tool.

Superhero background for avatar warmup.

Share the Jam with the students so they have edit access. Give a prompt such as “Should there be homework on the weekends?” or any topic you think they have opinions on. Students move their avatar to the agree or disagree side of the Jam. Call on some students to share why they agreed or disagreed. Keep reusing the same warm-up Jam to start your days with a lively conversation.

2. Make 21

One thing I love about Jamboard for math is the opportunity to do critical thinking tasks that require multiple attempts. In this Make 21 Jam students will use the Pen tool to make plus/minus/times/exponent/parenthesis to get the digits 1, 5, 6, and 7 to make 21. Each attempt should be on a different frame (page.)

3. Pass the Turn Template

In this Jam we want students to collaborate together. This is what we love about Google Tools, the ability to COLLABORATE! Get students into groups of 4 and provide a prompt or question. The next student in the group builds on the previous response. Each student taking a turn.

4. Trace Letters Practice

Jamboard has a Pen tool to allow students to practice their handwriting. Use our handwriting practice Google Jamboard templates.

5. Map of the US Jam

Google Jamboard can easily be used as a worksheet replacement. To increase the critical thinking of a task we have to ask critical thinking questions. Provide students context clues for them to predict locations in the United States. Students drag their pin and explain their choice.

5 Google Jamboard Templates

Here are 5 Google Jamboard Templates to help you engage your students. Get students collaborating and critically thinking with Google Jamboard.

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